Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Taxes, Money, and Secret Combinations

I discovered that Ron Robison has a link to my blog in his blogroll. Hi Ron, thank you for the link. Here's a really cool post over at the Robinson blog:
Celebrate our freedom this 4th of July
Good stuff. How I stumbled across this blog: Well at 14:41 on 20 July 2004, I found a link from a Google search on my name that originated from the IP address: Which resolves to: internet3.irs.gov.

Analysis: Connections to HTTP port 80 on host 'internet3.irs.gov' are working, but ICMP packets are being blocked past network "" at hop 13. It is an HTTP server (running Simple, Secure Web Server 1.1).

Then we get:
No reverse DNS (WSANO_DATA)
Ya' know, I really must thank this anonymous federal agent for helping bloggers network.