Thursday, July 22, 2004

Please... educate us Mr. Buckner!

Now here's a prime example of what's wrong with the general public:
I find it somewhat ironic that a tax protester would call someone "simple minded coward" since they basically define the term.
Mr. Buckner:
A: I have never claimed to protest any tax that I am liable for. Trying to demonize me by lumping me in with what the public has been conditioned to believe are just a bunch of looney dead-beats only serves to cast an unforgiving spotlight on the limitations of your thought processes.

B: please expand on "...they basically define the term.".

Are you calling me a coward Mr. Buckner? I offer to you the same terms of resolution that I have offered the "ghost" on many occasions.

And then Mr. Reeves states:

"...the irony being that the standard TP line is one of idealized rugged individualism.
Hmm, I like that one: rugged individualism!

If it were not for the idealized rugged individualism that you so despise Mr. Reeves - you probably wouldn't be here. Not much for history are you?

And there you have it my friends -
Individuals who hide behind pseudo names. (And let's not forget those that claim that they are using their real names).

And in the end what do we have?

We have no homepage(s);
We have no blog(s);
We have nothing that would give us even the slightest clue as to who they are;
We have nothing that justifies, in a firm and unmistakable manner, what exactly it is that they think is so glorious about a centralized federal government that can crush someone for simply asking questions (sieg heil! Right boys?);
What they really feel about everyday issues. etc, etc.....


Nothing but random comments that we are all expected to lend credence to simply because they attack a man that they all despise no matter what the topic of the blog entry happens to be.

Ya' missed guys. I'll give you time to reload.