Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mr. Bucky proves that he is nothing more than a minor irritant.............

OK. Here we go: (and keep this in mind: I will not make a habit of "blogbaiting" Bucky. This guy had his goose cooked the day he showed up on Doug's blog. With that said - here we go! :-))

Here's the background info.

And here's the "blog".

As to "my blog", I feel no need to have one.
OK. I can semi-respect that. However, you have no right to show up on another persons blog and proceed to trash it. Show up at my home and try to spray paint my walls...... I dare you.
Ohhh, start my own blog, because you don't live up to the concept of freedom of speech on yours? I'm not letting you off quite that easy, Kenline. You'll have to ban me from this one as well.
Regression is a bitch is it not Bucky? The playground must have been a haven for you. Too bad those days are over huh?
So, NO, I won't take it elsewhere until he lives up to the Libertarian party tenets and stops censoring people.
There you go with the playground mentality, AGAIN! - Bucky.
You are entirely correct Mr. Thompson. I offer an apology for bringing it here. I took your advice Kenline.
Oh!!!!!!!! Bwahaaaaaaa a man of principle! What a waste of good oxygen this one is.

Here's what happened:

Bucky was confronted by persons of superior mental capacity that presented a concept of "personal property" that was foreign to him - and he ran like hell. Yeah, I want this asshole in my foxhole. And, if he were to end up in my foxhole, I would be inclined to shoot him myself just to shut his ass up! .....Good luck Bucky.